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Modern Workspace

Quality Lighting is the single most important factor that affects productivity and employee comfort in the office environment. All vision requires light and the quality, direction and diffusion of the light are all important in determining how well one sees.

The quality of lighting, nowadays, is mainly determined by the choice and disposition of teh Luminaires and Lamps, and by nature of surfaces being illuminaed.

PARA-COMFORT Recess Mounted Direct or Indirect Luminaire with Coloured Wings
Recess Mounting 3D Lamelle Technology Luminaires I
Recess Mounting Extruded Aluminium Hsg CFL Mirror Optics Luminaires
SATURN Indirect Luminaire with Circular Shield

Retail Lighting

On storefronts and window displays Strategic Lighting beckons invitingly! Once the spell is cast, the rest is easy! As your products work their charm on customers, Impulse buying takes over! So you can sit back and glory in the increased footfalls!

Recess Mounting Non Integral Dichroic lamp
Recess Mounting Non Integral Dichroic lamp
Recess Mounting Non Integral MH Lamp
Recess Mounting Non Integral MH Lamp
Suspended Type Decorative CFL lamp luminaires I

industrial lighting

The function of interior illumination is to provide human beings with an environment which contributes to their mental and physical well-being and prevents accidents. In addition, it should influence the mental state of the persons involved with the aim of achieving a higher degree of performance, combating premature fatigue and reducing errors.

Surface or Pendent Mounting
Vertical Mounting Integral Highbay
Lowbay or Mediumbay Integral T5
Canopy Lighting Lumianires I
GLS Bulkhead

Hazardous Area Lighting

A unique range of luminaires specifically designed for hazardous area lighting for use in high risk areas where potentially explosive gases and dusts may exist. Our distinctive lighting solutions are characterized by low maintenance design and high levels of ingress protection, suitable for the most harsh and challenging environments.

Flameproof Bulkhead Luminaire
Flameproof Fluorescent Luminaire
Flameproof Non integral Wellglass Luminaire I
Increased Safety Non integral Wellglass Luminaire I
Flameproof Integral Wellglass Luminaire II

Roadway Lighting

Public lighting authorities all over the country are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with an ever-increasing volume, density and speed of traffic. There is a dire need for maintenance-free and improved road lighting.

AQUA CORAL Single Piece
AQUA DOLPHIN TOP Opening Single Piece
AQUA JET Single Piece
AQUA JET Single Piece
Single Piece Cast Aluminium

Urban Architecture

Landscape and Urban Outdoor Lighting creates a more appealing private outdoor living space. A Spectacular & Stunning effect of creative lighting allows the enjoyment of the architectural features and landscaping after twilight. We stock a range of distinctive post top fixtures to provide Architects, Landscape Designers with good lighting solutions to create a harmonious appearance during daytime as well as at night.

Integral CFL Post Top Lanterns I
Integral CFL Post Top Lanterns III
Integral CFL Post
NEO CFL Integral Post
NEO HID Integral Post

Area Lighting

Area Lighting, an important aspect of outdoor lighting, is very effective for the following: Lighting wide open areas such as construction sites, railway marshalling yards, ship yards, docks, airport aprons, parking areas and filling stations.

Asymmetrical Beam Integral Floodlight
Asymmetrical Beam Integral Floodlight Luminaires III
Asymmetrical Beam Non-integral Floodlight
Symmetrical Beam Non-Integral Floodlight
Symmetrical Narrow Beam Non-integral Floodlight

green led

Our extensive collection of LED luminaires offer innovative solutions for residential, commercial, architectural and retail environments. The hallmark of our comprehensive and reliable product line-up is the minimalist design and energy efficiency of our products.

Green LED 1
Green LED 2
Green LED 3
Green LED 4
Green LED 5


A complete range of accessories comprising of ballasts, ignitors and lighting control solutions to complement our diverse product portfolio of luminaires

Conventional or Open Construction Ballast
Conventional or Open Construction Ballast
Intelligent Electronic Ballast
Leader Electronic Ballast
Lighting Control Solution

high mast

High Mast Lighting systems in 15/16/20/25/30 metre configurations made from hot dip galvanized steel suitable for wind velocities as per IS 875. The mast will have Luminaires, accessories and HID Lamps including an integrated power tool. These lighting systems are used to light up large open areas such as Car Parks, Railway Track, Airport, Motorways, Container Deports, Dock Yards, Service Yards,

3 Points
Communication Signage
Octogonal Pole